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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Horrible Death

     Today is the day that we grieve at the horrible deaths of the thirty Navy Seals that died when being shot down in a black hawk helicopter. But my only question is how those terrorists knew where the helicopter was. Everyone knows that a black hawk helicopter is undetectable by radar and that they fly at least 500ft above the ground during any airtime. So how did they know when and where the helicopter was, and most of all why would there be thirty soldiers on one helicopter the number one rule in the military is to spread out your forces. So there would have to be someone that knows about all of our military tactics and where we are going to be at what time. So I only ask you my viewers to stand up and ask the only question we need to ask.... HOW

    But still my heartfelt thanks goes out to all those brave soldiers that lost there lives on that crash, there families are in my prayers and I hope they understand that there husbands, brothers and sons protected our country and were brave enough to die for it, Thank You

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