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About the Navy Seals

All of us know about the navy seals and how they killed Osama Bin Laden. But what you don't know is how they work. I'm going to show you how to become a Navy Seal. Every week I will post another week of how to become a seal.. so good luck!

Lesson 1: The training
If you think that becoming a navy seal just takes a little bit of running and some weight lifting, your wrong!
Navy Seals are highly classified personal that go through very harsh training, I'm going to tell you how that goes.

Week One: The soon to be seals are introduced to there higher ranking officers that will be training them and after that they will begin each day with a 10 mile run that they have to complete in two hours. And after that its wave training. Wave training is where you lay down on the beach with your head almost in the water and you let the waves go over you till you can't take it, but the required time is 45 minutes. If you can not complete this without getting up, your out! for the rest of the week you do this till the next, then it gets even harder....  


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